Village of Endicott
Code Enforcement Office

Certificate Requests

Requests for inspections for Certificates of Occupancy or Compliance and Certificates of Zoning Compliance can be scheduled through the Code Enforcement Office.

Prior to opening a business in the Village of Endicott, a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance inspection must be completed. The business Owner or location manager must contact the Code Enforcement Office at (607)757-2465 to schedule an inspection prior to start of operations.

Zoning Letters of Compliance

For many real estate transactions, an attorney may request a Zoning Letter of Compliance to determine if the property being  purchased meets the current Zoning laws within the Village of Endicott or if it is considered to be a pre-existing, non-conforming building.

Important Documents Regarding Occupancy Inspections & Zoning Compliance

For your convenience, the applications are available as PDFs. The following documents may be printed and submitted to the Code Enforcement Office so an inspection may be scheduled.

Links below

Certificate of Compliance/Occupancy Request Form

Letter of Zoning Compliance Request Form