Village of Endicott Code Enforcement Office

Recent Code Changes                                             

The Village of Endicott has recently updated some local laws that may affect you in some way.  This is just a brief overview of the changes that occurred on July 10, 2006.  Should you require additional information please contact the Code Enforcement Office at (607) 757-2465.

  • Solid waste.  The limit has been changed to 3 garbage cans per dwelling unit.  For garbage put out 24 hours before or cans out 24 hours after scheduled pickup are subject to a immediate $10 fine after 1 warning in a calendar year.

  • Electrical & plumbing licenses.  A new class of Master D has been established for outside electrical contractors.  Specific changes for the cost of plumbing permits.

  • Numerous wild animals are now specifically prohibited in the Village, contact us for an exact listing.

  • Soliciting & Peddling by local non-profit groups or agencies are exempt from fees for a peddling permit.  A permit is still required by these groups & agencies.  Contact us for permit information.

  • Motor Vehicle Repair Garages are now limited to storing 5 cars per repair garage or bay at any one time.

  • Shopping carts.  Seizure of shopping carts is now subjected to a $30 surcharge.
  • Snow complaints.  Snow needs to be removed from sidewalks within 12 hours of being deposited thereon.  Immediate fine of $15 established.
  • High Grass (over 10 inches) now needs to be mowed within 3 days of violation posting.  Previously the timeframe was 7 days of violation posting.  Immediate fine of $15 fine established.
  • Garage Sale Permits are now needed.  There is no fee for these permits.  Available through our office or this website.

This is only a partial listing of changes, please contact this office at 607-757-2465 with any questions that you may have regarding the recent changes to the Village of Endicott code.