Complaints & Violations

The Village of Endicott Code Enforcement Office handles complaints and violations that deal with New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code, NYS Property Maintenance Code, NYS Residential Code, NYS Mechanical and Plumbing Code and Village of Endicott Code and Zoning laws.

How Complaints Are Handled...

All complaints received are assigned to an inspector that will make a visit to the site to verify the complaint. Should a violation be found the inspector will create a violation letter and mail it to the owner of the property.

Depending on the complaint type you may be referred to another agency if the complaint is outside the Village of Endicott or if it is not within the scope of code and/or laws enforced by the Codes Office.

Code Violations

What do I do if I receive a code violation citation?
Depending on the severity of the violation you normally have 14 days to correct the problem that you were cited for. If you are unsure of the problem or do not understand the violation, contact the Code Enforcement Office at (607) 757-2465 to inquire about the violation. If after the 14 days no effort has been made to correct the problem, you will be given an additional 10 days to correct the problem. If after this time period, no effort has been made to correct the problem, the violation will be referred to the Village of Endicott Court for legal action. If the violation is a severe life saftey hazard you will be required to correct the violation immediately.

What if I received a code violation that I do not feel is accurate?
If you receive a code violation that you do not believe applies to your property or if you do not believe the issue you were cited for is a problem, call the Code Enforcement Office at (607) 757-2465 and ask for the Inspector named on the citation or the Fire Marshal.

Reporting Violations

How do I report a code violation?
You can report code violations numerous ways including in person at the Code Enforcement Office at 224 Madison Ave., by phone at (607) 757-2465, or using our online form for REPORTING CODE VIOLATIONS . Each complaint will be investigated by an inspector who will be assigned to the property in question and issue violations to the property owner after complaint has been verified through an inspection.