Village of Endicott Code Enforcement Office

Fire Prevention Inspections                                              

All businesses and residential buildings of three or more units are inspected annually by Endicott firefighters for compliance with New York State Fire code. Here are some of the things they look for:

  • Operational fire alarm systems
  • Service and tagging of sprinkler systems  

  • Annual service and tagging of fire extinguishers

  • Exit signs at all required exits

  • Blocked exits

  • Illuminated corridors

  • Electrical hazards and use of extension cords as permanent wiring

  • Doors that open and close tightly and that are not obstructed in any manner
  • No combustible storage within the corridor exit pathway
  • No combustible storage under exit stairways
  • Removal of accumulated uncut weeds, grass, or vegetation

Properties with violations of the fire code are issued violation notices with a timeframe for compliance re-inspection.  Normally this timeframe is 14 days, serious life safety issues may require the property/business owner to correct the problem immediately.

This is only a partial listing of items that are checked for compliance, please contact this office at 607-757-2465 with any questions that you may have regarding annual fire prevention inspections or violation notices.