Endicott Village Court

225 Jefferson Avenue
, NY 13760

Phone: (607) 757-2483

Fax: (607) 240-5392

Court Hours: Monday -Thursday 8:00-3:30
Friday 8:00-12:00

Presiding Justices:

Honorable Theo J. Totolis
Honorable Alfonso Ortega

Important Contacts:

Broome County District Attorney        (607) 778-2198
Broome  County Public Defender      (607) 778-2403
Broome County Jury Commissioner  (607) 240-5900
Broome County Stop DWI Office       (607) 778-2056
Endicott Parking Tickets                     (607) 757-2434



When Does the Court Hear Summary Proceedings (Evictions)?
Summary Proceedings are held on Wednesday mornings at 9 AM. The court DOES NOT provide paperwork for a Summary Proceeding and cannot help you in filling out the necessary paperwork. If you have questions regarding this process, please contact an attorney.

Endorsement Fee-  $20.00
Filing Fee- $20.00

How Do I File a Small Claims Action?
A Guide to Small Claims Booklet may be picked up at any Court. Small Claims Hearings are held on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at 8:30 AM and the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30PM. To file a Small Claims in the Village of Endicott Court the person you are filing against MUST live, work or have a place of business in the Village of Endicott. You must have an exact mailing address. Post Office boxes are not acceptable. Small claims are for monetary damages only not to exceed $3,000. For claims up to $1,000 the filing fee is $10.00. For claims over $1,000 the fee is $15.00.

There an alternative to filing a Small Claims Action?
You can contact ACCORD (A Center for Dispute Resolution, mc) which is a mediation service at no charge. In Broome County you can call (607) 724-5153. Email at kaceye@accordny.com.

How Can I pay my Fine/Surcharge?
Payments may be made in person during regular business hours or by mail. NO PAYMENTS CAN BE ACCEPTED OVER THE PHONE. Methods of payment include Cash, Money Order, Certified Check or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard). A SERVICE FEE OF 2.99%OF THE PAYMENT AMOUNT WILL BE ASSESSED ON ALL CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. NOTE THAT NEITHER THE MUNICIPALITY NOR THE COURT RECEIVES ANY PORTION OF THE SERVICE FEE. PERSONAL CHECKS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED FOR PAYMENT. Payment can be made on line by going to www.paycourtonline.com or by calling 1-800-701-8560.

How should I plea to my traffic ticket?
When the court has received an accusatory instrument (Uniform Traffic Ticket) alleging that you have committed an offense, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to retain an attorney to represent you now, or at any stage in these proceedings. You have various procedural options of bringing this matter to a just disposition. You may choose to proceed in any of the following manners, or any other legally authorized manner. You may want to consult an attorney for guidance or representation before determining which course of action you will pursue.

Plead Not Guilty
By pleading “Not Guilty” you exercise your right to a public trial at which the People of the State of New York represented by the prosecution, must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that you have committed th offense alleged in the accusatory instrument. At the trial you will have the right to hear, see and challenge the evidence submitted to prove your guilty, including confronting by cross-examination the Police Officer, Peace Officer or other witness or witnesses who testify against you. You have the right to have witnesses testify on your behalf and you may, but you are not required to, testify on your own behalf. The court will determine after hearing all the evidence submitted at the trial whether or not the People have proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and will render an appropriate verdict.

After entering a Plea of “Not Guilty” you will be set for a Pre-Trial Conference Date at which time you will have an opportunity to discuss the case with an Assistant District Attorney.

  Plead Guilty
By pleading “Guilty” you waive your right to a trail which the People of the State of New York, represented by the prosecution, must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the offense alleged in the accusatory instrument. A Plea of Guilty will subject you to sentencing by the judge presiding to any legally authorized sentence. You may withdraw, with the courts permission, your plea of guilty at any time prior to sentencing and exercise your right to a trial.



    • Speeding (1-10 MPH over posted limit): 3 points
    • Speeding (11-20 MPH over posted limit): 4 points
    • Speeding (21-30 MPH over posted limit): 6 points
    • Speeding (31-40 MPH over posted limit): 8 points
    • Speeding (more than 40 MPH over posted limit): 11 points
    • Reckless driving: 5 points
    • Failing to stop for a school bus: 5 points
    • Following too closely (tailgating): 4 points
    • Inadequate brakes: 4 points
    • Inadequate brakes while driving an employer's vehicle: 2 points
    • Failing to yield right-of-way: 3 points
    • Violation involving a traffic signal, stop sign, or yield sign: 3 points
    • Railroad-crossing violation: 3 points
    • Improper passing, unsafe lane change, driving left of center, or driving in wrong direction: 3 points
    • Leaving the scene of an incident involving property damage or injury to a domestic animal: 3 points
    • Safety restraint violation involving a person under 16: 3 points
    • Any other moving violation: 2 points
    • Cell Phone or Texting: 5 Points

Why is My license Suspended?
There are two possible reasons for the NYS DMV to have placed a suspension on your license. Failure to pay fine/surcharge or failure to appear for your court appearance. Suspensions that go into effect on or after July 6, 2009 must pay $70.00 Suspension Termination Fee per ticket suspended. Suspensions in effect prior that date must pay $35.00 Suspension Termination Fee per ticket. If you pay the fine/surcharge or appear in court prior to the suspension date on the DMV Notification of Driver’s License Suspension you are not required to pay the suspension fees. Partial Payments cannot be accept once a suspension has gone into effect.

What Do I Do if I Receive a Jury Summons?
Contact the court after 4:00 PM the day before you are scheduled to serve to see if your appearance is still necessary for Jury Duty. if a trial is still scheduled, you MUST appear at the date and time that appears on the Jury Summons. Only the Jury Commissioner or the Judge can excuse you from Jury Duty. if you are not able to appear for any reason you must contact the Jury Commissioner and request to be excused at 240-5900 prior to the Trial date. Be sure to arrive on time with your completed Jury Summons.

I Missed My Court Date, Now What?
If you failed to appear in Court on the date and time that you were scheduled, contact the Court immediately. Depending on the level of the offense, failing to appear may result in the Court issuing an Arrest Warrant, Bench Warrant or your license being suspended. \

I Missed My Public Defender Appointment, Can I Reschedule?
The Public Defender’s Office will not reschedule your appointment without permission from the Judge. You may appear in court on any Wednesday at
8:30 AM to request permission to reschedule.

How do I get my ignition Interlock Removed?
It is the responsibility of you or your attorney to notify the Broome County District Attorney to notify the Broome County Stop DWI Office at (607)778-2056 when you are near completion of the ignition Interlock portion of sentence. Contact the Broome County Stop DWI Office two weeks prior to the date and the necessary paperwork for DMV and the Vendor can be prepared to remove the Ignition interlock Condition from your License and the Ignition Interlock from your Vehicle.

How do I ask a question, pay or contest my parking ticket?
All questions regarding parking tickets and all payments for parking tickets are handled by the Customer Service Center at the Municipal Building, 1009 East Main Street, Endicott NY 13760. The phone number for the Parking Ticket Office is (607) 757-2434.