Don't Get One Of These Stickers On Your Garbage!

Follow the Rules.

Refuse (Garbage)

Yes Please

  • Set out containers at curb by 7:00 AM within 24 hrs. before pickup day & remove by following day.
  • Limit to 3 containers per dwelling unit.
  • Use 33 gal. cans or sealed plastic bags (50 lb. limit).
  • Set out household furniture with regular garbage.
  • Prepare medical waste properly.
  • Replace leaking or defective containers.

Please - No

  • Cans with attached lids.
  • Garbage in paper bags or cardboard boxes.
  • Garbage mixed with yard waste.
  • Items from demolition or remodeling, stones, dirt, concrete and other materials that are not the product of the ordinary conduct of households.
  • Tires or automotive parts.

Recycle (same day as Garbage)

Yes Please

  • Set out containers at curb by 7:00 AM within 24 hrs. before pickup day & remove by following day.
  • Use recycling container(s) provided for glass, cans, plastic jugs and bottles.
  • Recycle unbroken glass, plastic, bottles, food cans and paper products.
  • Rinse and remove lids from glass and plastic items.
  • Remove labels from cans.
  • Place newspapers and other recyclable papers in a paper bag or bundle them.
  • Flatten cardboard and bundle no larger than 36" x 36" x 18".
  • Single layer cardboard must be gray or brown.

Please - No

  • Plastic bags, Styrofoam, unmarked plastic.
  • Wax or plastic coated cardboard.
  • Windows, Pyrex, ceramics, light bulbs.
  • Metal or plastic pipes.
  • Spray cans, pesticide cans, paint cans.
  • Auto fluid containers.
  • Medical waste.
  • When in doubt throw it out.



Yard Waste

Yes Please

  • Set out containers by 7:00 AM Fridays within 24 hrs. before pickup & remove by following day, April through November, except Holiday weeks.
  • Use 33 gal. open containers (50 lb. limit ea).
  • Bundle brush in 6 ft. lengths (50 lb. limit ea).
  • Limit containers/bundles to 6.
  • Call 757-2429 to request chipper for branches and small trunks, up to 12" diameter, less than 50 lb. Place at curb/sidewalk with cut ends facing street.

Please No

  • Yard waste pickup from December through March.
  • Cardboard boxes or plastic bags.
  • Bundled brush or branches over 3" diameter.

Construction & Demolition (C & D)

Yes Please

  • Call the Town of Union first at 786-2980 to verify they can accept your C & D materials, and then bring them to the disposal site on Scarborough Dr. from 8:00 11:30 AM and Noon 4:15 PM, Monday through Friday.

C & D materials include:

  • Bricks, concrete, masonry.
  • Wood and wood waste (windows, doors, etc.).
  • Tubs, sinks, toilets (with fixtures removed).
  • Wall coverings, plaster, drywall.
  • Non-asbestos insulation, roofing and siding.

Electrical wiring and components containing no hazardous liquids.

Plumbing fixtures.

Lighting fixtures.

Stumps and oversized branches (over 3"diameter).

White Goods (Lg. Household Appliances and Metal Items)

Yes Please

  • Call 757-2429 to be put on the list for pickup on Fridays, except Holiday weeks.
  • Set out items at curb between 7:00 AM Thursday and by 7:00 AM Friday.
  • Remove doors from all appliances to keep children and animals from being trapped inside.