The Village of Endicott Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) serves the Village of Endicott, parts of the Town of Union, and parts of the Town of Vestal totaling approximately 35,000 users. The collection system between these 3 municipalities is about 160 miles long.

The WWTP began operation in 1966 and completed its’ latest revisions in 2002. The plant flow design is 10 million gallons per day (MGD) with an average flow of approximately 7.7 MGD. The WWTP discharges to the Susquehanna River and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. This has resulted in stricter monitoring and greater nutrient removal as a result.


The WWTP treats and recycles biosolids using an in-vessel composting system. The final product is then sold for soil amendment. The WWTP also takes in leaves and yard waste in the Fall from the 3 municipalities, and composts them. In the Spring and Summer the composted yard waste is given away for free onsite.


The Industrial Pretreatment Department is located at the WWTP and ensures that all businesses meet the pollutant limits set forth in the Village of Endicott Sewer Use Ordinance. They also ensure that all dentists who use or may encounter mercury have mandated separators in use prior to discharge to the collection system.


In addition, the WWTP and Industrial Pretreatment Department on behalf of the Village of Endicott have teamed up with local partners, such as United Health Services, to provide Unwanted Medication Collection events that allow anyone disposal of their unwanted medications in a secure and safe way for both the participant and the environment.


To contact the Village of Endicott Wastewater Treatment Plant: (607) 757-2457

-Phil Grayson