08/12/19-08/16/19 We will be flushing in the following area Anson, Western Hgts; Glendale, Denver Ct; Morlando, Mitchell, Destin, Jeanette, Sarah, Zeggart, Audrey, Day Hollow, Rt 26, Catherine, Carrie, Irma, Boswell, Betty, Flora, Rodman, Antonio, Bean Hill, Domenica, Carl, Carrie, Hazel,Grant, Leona, Martin, West, Wallace, May. Crestview, Taft, O’Day,Felicia, Donna, Leonardo,Pietro,Belle, Twist Run, Hillside Terr;Country Knoll.Colonial,Echo,Chrysler,Sally Piper,Farm to Mrk,Hearthstone,Landmark,Winding,Fairlane, Sweet Briar. Surrounding area might have discolored water. You will probably have intermittent discolored water. You may need to run your cold (NOT HOT WATER) water for a little bit until it clears. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.