06/18/19-06/21/19 We will be flushing in the following area Lincoln, Monroe, North, Jefferson, Broad, Madison, Park St; Washington, Riverview Dr; Garfield, Grant,  E. Main St; Mckinley Ave; Tracy, Roosevelt,  Adams, Arthur, Jackson, North  St; Smith Dr; Magnolia, Wilson Ave; Country Club, Taft, Newell, Alexander, Kelly, Robins, King, Knight’ Lee, Columbia, Dr; Columbus, Yale , Harpur, Shamrock, Pierce, Jenkins, Witherill, Harding, Colgate,, Crescent, Center St; Willis, Hastings, Hall St.  Surrounding area might have discolored water. You will probably have intermittent discolored water. You may need to run your cold (NOT HOT WATER) water for a little bit until it clears. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.