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A Brief History:

The Light Department came into existence the summer of 1906 in the village of Union. In December of that year a single phase AC generator, driven by a coal fired 125 horsepower steam engine, went on-line to provide for our energy needs. The electricity was used primarily to provide street lighting, hence the light department.

By July of 1907 there were 85 private customers. That number gradually increased to 400 customers in 1920. In that year several major changes occurred. This was when the department became self-sustaining, our operating expenses are from electric revenue and not from taxes. Our department has operated that way ever since. Our generator was shut down and we began to purchase our electricity from the Binghamton Light and Power Company, which later became part of . We also provided electric service 24 hours a day, prior to this service was only provided dusk to dawn daily.

In 1921 the village of Union became part of the village of Endicott. Our service was then provided to Endicott municipal government properties as well as street and traffic lights. The service area has changed very little since that time.

Our first sub station went on-line in 1950. It was located on East Franklin Street. This allowed us to better serve our growing customer base. The entire cost of the sub station, as well as all subsequent improvements, were financed by earnings. We began to purchase power from the New York Power Authority in late 1961. Most of the power we sell today is purchased from the same source. This contract, for low cost hydro power, will continue until 2025.

In early 1996 refurbishing of the Franklin Street Sub was completed. It is now one of three operating sub stations in our system. Over the years there have been numerous other improvements to the system. We continue to make improvements, as needed, and operate the department cost effectively. This allows us to continue the vision of Mr. Harold W. Lauder, a former superintendent of the light department, "to provide considerable savings to the village and lower rates to all light department customers".